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Gris Gris

Gris Gris pronounced ( Gree Gree) is an age old traditional in Voodoo as a way to bring your desire's. These little pieces of fabric, filled with various herbs, roots, stones and other occult items are a very powerful magic charm. They were anointed with a powerful spell oil and incantations and prayers were said over the Gris Gris bag. They were then worn on the body or put in a secret location to ward off evil, or bring a particular person to them or money. These powerfully little ritual charms have withstood many hundreds of years, and in our modern times, they are widely used in Voodoo and other magical practices. They have so much of a magical punch, each item in the bag has a strong vibrational energy when mixed all together and chanted over to work in a spiritual way to bring the wearer magical energy that will bring what they want. You can also carry them in a purse, pocket, or car for protection. It is of utmost importance that you keep a Gris Gris bag hidden from others from touching it. If this happens then it will diffuse the magical energy, also do not show it to others, their negative energies will lessen its power.


My Gris Gris bags are made by my hand, and filled with very rare powerful herbs, roots, Voodoo powders, and Black salt. They also have stones, nuts, flowers, feathers and the purest and most precious essential oils that I blend in each Potion oil I make. I then will go into a deep trance and say incantations over the Gris Gris bag to ensure it will bring you what you desire. If you have more complicated problems , more people involved,the law, or afraid of an attack , physical or spiritual, then I can customize the Gris Gris for added power. Or if you can't burn a candle in your home in secret, then I will burn a candle for you at my alter and chant over it twice a day.

All my Gris Gris bags are handcrafted by my hand during the most powerful time of the moon phase's or when the first sunlight comes during the first hour of the day for much magical power. All Gris Gris bags have powerful Voodoo Potion oils in them and I Bless each Gris Gris bag. They also will come with a incantation that when chanted over and over, raises the energy to send to the universe to make your wish come true. Gris Gris's are a very old and powerful Voodoo talisman that comes from ancient times and still very powerful in today's world. My recipes are authentic voodoo and witch recipes and are so powerful in bringing what you want. If you are interested in one of my Gris Gris email me at voodooluna@gmail.com


Love Come to me - If you always seem to attract the wrong kind of men or women then this Gris Gris is for you. It also has powerful attracting elements that work together to raise your vibrational energy to attract love and the right person. The Potion oil that comes with it, is a very powerful attraction oil, that can also be worn along with the Gris Gris to make sure you stand out in a very alluring way.

Lucky Mojo - This Gris Gris bag carries a lucky hand root along with herbs that are a strong money magnet and brings much good luck when you gamble. Always wear or keep with you, and your money luck will change for the better. Wear close to your skin when you gamble, play the horse's or go to a casino.

Car Protection - In today's rushed world, accidents are a common thing, and every time you get into your car to drive, it is like holding a loaded gun to your head. With all the traffic, road-rage from others, stress, and storms. You always have a chance of getting in a wreck. My Car Protection Gris Gris is very powerful and will protect you and keep you safe. It also carries a St Christopher medal for added protection. It will also protect your car from being stolen or broken into.

No Poo-Nanie - This Gris Gris is strictly for women and the recipe is very secret and old. If you have a man that likes to wander and can not be honest and puts you at risk for sexual disease's this will make his junk not get hard. Or if you have been wronged by a man, and want to get even, this Gris Gris will work to make sure they get no erotic pleasure and can not get it up. Don't kill your husband or boyfriend, or cut off his member and go to jail use the Gris Gris and the ritual that comes with it, and enjoy your triumph.

Go Away evil - This Gris Gris is very powerful to keep evil spirits and people away from you. There are certain herbs and oils that a evil spirit can not to stand the smell of, and will send them on their way. Then there are evil people in this word that can do much harm to you. This will keep them from your path. Always carry when you you leave your home.

Voodoo Erotic - The herbs and roots in this Gris Gris bag will work very strongly to being much sensual energy into you life. It will make you so erotically charged, when you go out, wear or carry in a purse and it will draw potential lovers. Put it in your pillow before making love and it will ignite much fire. It will also make an unwilling partner desire you with much passion.

Money Drawing - This Gris Gris comes from a very old Voodoo recipe that attracts money. It will open doors of success and bring customers to your business. It has a way of bringing money in a powerful, spiritual way to raise the vibrations of money attractions from the universe into your life. The chant that comes with the Gris Gris bag, are words of much magical power, that will triple the money drawing power.

Voodoo Uncrossing - If you have much bad luck and nothing seems to be going your way, you could have a hex, curse, or misfortune spell on you. This Gris Gris is very powerful and will break any spell that has been put on you to have bad luck or misfortune. For added strength, use with one of my Spiritual Baths.

Binding - You can use this Gris Gris to bind a person to you and they will never leave. I will need your picture and a picture of the person you want to bind and your names. A very powerful potion oil comes with it to anoint the bag once a month. You will need to put it under your mattress and do not let anyone see it or touch it.

Commanding - Carry or wear this Gris Gris if you need to control a person, a boss, co-workers, enemies. If you need to control a lover, husband or wife, this Gris Gris will make any one listen to you and do what you want. It comes with a very powerful John The Conquer root, that will conquer even the most stubborn person.

Conjure - This Gris Gris is for a very special wish, it could be for love, money, job or health. You need to place the Gris Gris bag next to a candle, your picture, or a person that you desire. And say the chant that comes with it. Then place in your pillow case and sleep on it. Repeat for 10 days. It will open a door to bring your wish to you.

Job Drawing - In today's world it is so hard to find a job or keep a job. This Gris Gris has powerful herbs and roots that will put a high vibration of energy around you, to bring a job to you. It will also have a St Anthony medal, he is the Saint for all miracles. Carry with you or wear when you go for an interview. If you have people you work with that want your job or want you fired, then always carry in your pocket or purse when you go to work to protect your job.


For more information, email me at voodooluna@gmail.com.


Gris Gris

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