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About Me
I am a powerful psychic and practitioner of magic, and handcraft authentic New Orleans Voodoo Spell Kits, Voodoo Dolls, Potion Oils, Gris Gris bags and Voodoo Baths from very powerful recipes of Marie Laveau - the most powerful Voodoo Queen in New Orleans. When I was a child I started seeing spirits, which I thought every one could see. I soon found out that was not the case. I remember when I was 5 years old I started having guides come to me. They begun to teach me about the spirit world, at this time I saw many spirits and my guides told me I had a gift and I was born to this earth to be a helper to people and guide them in a spiritual way and I have done this my entire life. I remember when I was 7 years old, on Halloween night, my mother was adjusting my costume and I felt a tap on my shoulder and it was my dead great grandmother, and she just smiled and winked, then disappeared. I found out later that Halloween was her favorite holiday. That night I stayed with my best friend and after a long night of trick a treating we fell into an exhausted sleep. I awoke to a loud sound of a bugle playing. I got up and parted the curtains and was very surprised to see a bugle boy about 12 years old marching in front of a calvary of forlorn soldiers walking past on the road, there must have been 100 or more, I was speechless at that sight I watched them for a long time and when the sun started to rise, they disappeared. The next morning when I got home I told my mother what happened and what the uniforms looked like and she told me they where from the civil war, I lived in Ohio at that time.
I was raised in the Catholic religion, and left the church when I was 15. My guides would tell me that there were many in accurate accounts in the bible, and one of them was that there is no hell. This came as a shock. They told me that if you think you are going to burn in hell you will, and it will be the way you think hell should be or was told by preachers, priest, or family It could be a burning inferno, or flames of burning pain of hell with chains around them, or being torn apart by demons if that is the way you think hell would be like. They told me after a certain amount of time, a guide will go to that person and explain that they are in a self made hell, and they can make a choice to leave anytime. When that happens they will be taken to a place in the spirit world with guides to show them their complete life that had just passed and that person will see the wrongs and rights, they have done and the bad things done to others and the good things done to help others and to help animals. At that time, they will then be giving a choice to come back to earth and live again to try and make the wrongs right, and to fix the emotional pain caused to others or decide not to come back to the human world it will be all up to you as what you decide to do after you pass away and enter the spirit world.

I asked them about the evil people in our world that kill, torture, rape and cause death and destruction. When these people die, they will be taken to a very dark place in between our spirit world and they will be made to feel all the pain that their victims felt in a emotional way and physical way. They will be there for eons of years and never released, not ever!!!!

People that take their own life will have no choice if they want to come back to our world or stay in the spirit world, In that instant they die from their hand, they will be reborn right away into a worse situation then they were just in and killed their self over. So those of you who think suicide is the easy way out you will go thru a much worse life of pain, physical or emotional or be born with a terrible disease or deformed body. This was all hard for me to believe until they would show me visions of things to come, at that time they would show me visions or dreams. I would see plane wrecks, earthquakes, floods, and droughts in certain cities, and they would happen and my spirit guides also told me of the great climate change that would come in the 20th century and change our world as we know it.


They also would show me miracles that would happen in the future, in peoples lives and they did happen. They also taught me much about reincarnation and how to fight evil spirits and demons and burn certain herbs that evil spirits or demons can not stand the smell of, and as they burn they will leave a house. As I got older they taught me how to cleanse a person that has an evil spirit trying to posses them. Their teachings were very different then traditional religions.

When I left the Catholic religion I did research on many religions and felt very drawn to Wicca. I found out from my mother that there where many witches in our Italian family many years ago and also on my fathers Irish side had many root workers and natural healers that knew the art of herb magic and healing, so it came to no surprise I was so drawn to Wicca and the ways of magic. My father always called me his little Irish witch. When I was 16 my mother gave me a very old leather bound book that had generations of recipes for spells, herb magic, and how to make magical oils and baths.

It was my great grandmothers and it had very old spells from witches in are family line. My mother had psychic abilities but not as strong as mine and she was not interested in the ways of magic, but knew when I was born I would be a very powerful witch. My grandmother (her mother), was a witch and was very deep into magic and taught me much before she left this world. My mother only revealed this when I left the Catholic religion about having so many witch's in the family. It was then my grandmother started to teach me about the ways of magic.

My mother and father were very open minded and let me make my own choices even at such a young age. My parents taught me the ways of the Catholic religion but did not pressure me to stay in that religion. I have always been thankful that they let me follow my own path.

When I was 18 I started doing readings for people and was deeply involved with magic and learned how powerful magic was. I have used spell working and magic for many years and learned much in the way of herbs to use in spells, to bring more power and how to make magical oils from my ancestors that were witches and root workers, and their recipes that have been handed down over the years.

I also learned to follow the moon phases for the perfect timing to do certain spells. When I got married we moved to Louisiana, my husbands family lived there. I spent much time in the French Quarter and felt so at home, there were so many spirits there. At that time I started to see certain spirits that where African Americans and they would have very loud colored African clothes and the women wore white dress’s with white cloth around there head and they had much power. I did not know who they where they would never speak just smile at me when they came to me in dreams and visions. I finally realized they where Voodoo spirits. I knew New Orleans was the Voodoo capital of the country. I had done much research on that religion when I left the Catholic church and found it so similar to the Catholic religion. They both believe in a supreme being and believe in the afterlife. The Loa in the Voodoo religion are much like the saints in the catholic religion and both believe in evil spirits and demons. During that time I got many new clients and one of my clients asked me to read for a friend of hers, and he was coming form New Orleans. She never told me anything about him. She called me when he arrived at her home, and when I got there she introduced us and said his name was Dr. Glover. I shook hands with him and felt a deep connection and much spiritual power coming from him. When we sat down to do the reading I saw many powerful spirits of Voodoo around him and asked him why there were so many around him and he told me he was a Voodoo priest. I found out later that he is one of the most powerful Voodoo priest in the country. We became close friends and I learned much about voodoo and the powerful spells and rituals. And still to this day I am his personal Psychic.

There is much grace and deep truth found in the Voodoo religion and an inner strength with a deep faith that never falters.

For those wanting a change in their life or unrest in their souls, the Voodoo religion may help. There are many books on the subject online or in book stores.

Over the years many of my clients complained about Voodoo workers, Witches, and root workers that cost them thousands of dollars and were fake and con artists. There are some out there that are for real but are very hard to find and will really help you and not just take your money.

One of my spirit guides kept bugging me to start making spell kits, oils, baths, gris gris bags and some of my clients that have lost so much money to fake spell and Voodoo workers so I decided to do it.

I first made my Potion oils and my clients love them. I have been doing magic for many years so I have many Witch recipes, Voodoo recipes and Gypsy Spells.

All my Spell kit's, Potion Oils, Spiritual Baths, and Gris Gris bags are of the highest quality. They have worked for me and my clients so I know they work. When you use them your life will change in a very big way and you will have many blessings.


For more information, email me at voodooluna@gmail.com.