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Potion Oils

I make Voodoo Potion oils that are hand made for each client. I go into a deep trance state of mind during certain times of the moon phase to make my Potion oils for each client. I will have many bottles of essential oils on my alter and I will close my eyes and hold my hands over the essential oils and pick 3, 5,or 7 oils to make one Potion oil and the spirits guide my hands to pick the right oils to mix for a very powerful Potion Oil .That recipe will go on a card with the persons name so it will be theirs and theirs only.

My clients really do love my oils, and they do work. My oils are very powerful and sought after from my friends and clients. Each one has such a tantalizing fragrance .The oils I blend are very powerful and will bring a strong magical influence in your life. I use only the most purest essential oils to make the potion oils and once you put them on the magic will start working and go into the universe to help you get what you want. They come with a special prayer or powerful chant to say when applying and need to be worn each day. This oil will be made just for you and if someone else uses it the Potion oil will not work for them and may even smell bad on them.

Potion Oils
I have many more Voodoo Potions oils that are available then the few below,they can also be used for candleburning spells or to place on an object, picture,or person.Contact me at voodooluna@gmail.com or 985-542-1681.

love drawing - This oil will be so intoxicating and will bring a new love or bring passion back in your relationship. It will bring a lover you want and will make men or women really notice you when you go out in public and will not be able to resist you. Wear when you want to draw that special someone that does not notice you or when you go out with friends and you will be the center of attention.

good fortune -Wear this when you are looking for a job, or want a promotion or to draw customers. It will really work and will help in a wild and unexpected way. This oil will open doors in a surprising way to get that perfect job or start a business. You will really stand out to your boss in a good way. It can really help with getting a raise or promotion.

money Drawing - This oil is very powerful in bringing more money into your life and keeping money in your life. Wear every day to bring the flow of money to your hands and bank account. If you have to get money put on before you ask your husband or lover for money and wear when you ask your boss for a raise. It really does work. Money will have a path straight to your pockets and it gives you the vibes to be in the right place and time to get a money blessing.

protection - This oil will protect against spiritual attacks of any kind and black magic and spells that have been put on you to make you have accidents or physical attacks by others, bad luck, break ups and money problems. It protects against curses from the evil eye or spells of misfortune. Wear this oil everyday or when you are in public or at work if you feel negative vibes there, or if you come home very exhausted, put a drop on the front and back of your car or truck and on the steering wheel to protect against accidents.Use at night before bed if you have nightmares.

Do as I say - This oil is very powerful to get those around you to listen and go along with your wish’s. You can put this oil on the picture of a rebellious child that does not go to school or does drugs or will not study. If you put this oil on your boyfriends or husbands picture, it will make them stay at home and will make them do what you ask, works great for lazy husbands and boyfriends that will not give you money, Can also make a girlfriend or wife fall under your control and listen to want you want them to do and stop nagging. Works great on judges before a court case to go your way. Use anytime you need someone to do what you want.

voodoo erotic - Wear this if you want to be a true temptress!!! It will make men desire you and follow you like a puppy. Use when you want to put passion back into your love life. This oil has a very powerful aphrodisiac quality and comes form a very old recipe. Use when you want a lover or a certain person to desire you with so much heat. Wear when you make love and it will increase passion and sensual pleasure. With ever touch and kiss the senses will be intensified with erotic fever. This is a favorite oil among my clients.

attraction - This will attract men or women like bee's to honey, wear it to work and you will stir up all all the men there. Wear to attract love and passion in your life it will open doors very quickly to bring potential lovers to you. It will make men fall under your spell and come to you. Use any time you go out on errands or a social event and you will see how powerful it is, men will stare at you in a very bold way. Wear when you are on a date to entice and charm.

wealthy way - This oil brings abundance of money to be drawn to you. Wear to increase sales or bring customers in. Wear before you go to try to get a loan. When you wear it the oil is very magical and will make you have better luck with money. Use when you gamble or want to draw a wealthy man or lovers to you. Mix with the Attraction oil and it will bring a strong magical power to you and you will draw more wealth into your life.

Bend Over -This oil is very powerful and you can use it to control people. It will make a stubborn husband or boyfriend do what you want. Wear when you want to control any situation to make it turn out like you want. This oil will make you have a strong influence to command and compel others. If you need a promotion or raise wear every day at work and you will get your boss's attention. If you need to make a strong statement and you need others to agree wear this oil.

Reversible - Wear this oil to reverse negative people and jealous people that want you to have bad luck and misfortune.It will also protect against the evil eye. If you are having bad luck wear every day and you will see a change. It will protect you from psychic attacks or evil people that want to destroy your life with black magic.If you have enemies at work this will reverse any actions they plot against you to get you fired or make you quit. If you are going thru a hard time this will reverse your misfortune and keep negative energy away from you.

Calming - In today's word of high anxiety and stress we seldom have quiet time for ourselves and this potion does wonders. I carry a bottle in my purse where ever I go. During any stressful time or when your nerves will not let you relax wear this oil. If your children or spouse drive you nuts this will have a fast calming influence when you wear it. If you are overwhelmed with worry and can't think straight this will calm and give you clarity.

Lucky Mojo - This oil is truly amazing and the strongest good luck drawing oil out there. It is blended with 7 of the purest oils and will bring good luck in every aspect of your life. When you wear it , doors open and bring new opportunities and will change bad luck to good luck. It can do wonders when looking for a job or when you gamble. If you are unlucky or want a change this will work to change the energy around you to change your bad luck to good.

Voodoo Mama – This oil is strictly for women and the recipe comes form Marie Laveau and is very sought after. In her time she was the most powerful women in New orleans and the strongest Voodoo Queen in New Orleans. It is a very strong love drawing oil and if there is a certain man you want this will bring him to you with much desire and can make a man obsessed with you. The smell entices and tease's a man, heart, body and soul, so he thinks about you 24/7. If you are looking for a new lover wear this oil and you will have the pick of many men. Because of the rarity of the oils blended for this Potion Oil it is higher priced then my other oils.

Shi Shi Oil - This oil is a one of the strongest money drawing oils around and comes from a secret recipe from a very powerful Voodoo Priest. It is made of 3 pure essential oils of the highest organic quality that will draw money so quickly. It also has a powerful root that is steeped in the oil for 2 weeks before the Shi Shi oil can be used. This is my favorite oil and I apply it as soon as I get up and it works wonders drawing money from different sources. Because of the rarity of the oils and the powerful root that goes in the Shi Shi oil the price is higher then my other Potion Oils.


For more information, email me at voodooluna@gmail.com.


potion oils