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All pricing and ordering information is below. Please be sure to read everything on this page before ordering.

I only accept Western Union (800-325-6000), Postal Money Orders, and Certified cashiers bank check. If you have a credit card you can call Western Union for readings, and magic consultations ask for same day payment.

If you want to make an order or schedule a reading contact me at voodooluna@gmail.com or 985-542-1681. If you can't reach me by phone leave a clear spoken message with your contact info and if you want a reading or one of my very powerful Voodoo products.

Spell Kits
$75 - $150 each
Gris Gris Bag - XXX Strength $50 each
Magical Potion Oils
$35 each
Voodoo Mama Oil
$50 each
Shi Shi Oil $50
7 Day Spiritual Bath $55
9 Day Spiritual Bath - XXX Strength Voodoo Love $75
14 Day Spiritual Bath - Cleansing Evil & Bad Luck $150
Custom Voodoo Spell Working Call for pricing
Psychic Readings - By Appointment Only
30 minutes $75
60 minutes $150
Magic Consultations - By Appointment Only
30 minutes $50
Voodoo Doll - large, extra strength

All my Spell kits, Potion Oils, and Spiritual Baths come with clear directions on how to use them and the prayers, chants and incantations. If you need more help or questions about magic then you need to pay me for my time and wisdom. 30 Minutes only-$50.

All readings and Magic Consultations are prepaid.

For all Spell Kits, Potion oils, Spiritual Baths & gris gris

Send payments to the address below. Only send US Postal Money orders, or certified Bank cashier checks - I will not except anything else and I will return it to you.

Keep in mind I make everything by hand and it can take 1 to 6 weeks. I only make the Potion oils from the New moon to the Full moon it will increase the power of the Potion oils.

With every order clearly print which kit, Potion Oils and Bath you want and how many. I need a picture of you to make the Potion oils - each one is custom blended and put on a recipe card. With your picture I will go into a trance and pick the essential oils for your Potion oil.

Print your name address and phone number very clearly if I can't read it I will send it back. If you order by phone then I will need a Western Union payment if you do not reach me than leave your name, phone number, best time to call you and what you want to order or an appointment for a reading.

Do not call me with questions - please email me at voodooluna@gmail.com. When you leave a phone message make sure you speak clearly and slowly so I can get your name and number. I am very busy and hard to reach by phone, leave a message and I will call you back only if you want to place an order or an appointment for a reading.


Shipping Costs:

We ship with UPS and Priority Mail. If anything breaks or is damaged then you must file a claim with your UPS store or Post Office. To Rush your order I can Fed Ex your package at a added price contact me at voodooluna@gmail.com for details. I advise you to get our package insured for added protection.

Shipping Procedure:

You must have a valid address in order to receive our products, you will get a tracking number to keep track of the shipment. You can make specific directions to leave package at your door if you can not be there, but we are not responsible if the package is stolen or damaged.

If your package is undeliverable or you do not respond to the notice left at your door and it is shipped back to us you will get no refund or exchange. No Exceptions.

Many items are hand crafted per order and can not be shipped immediately. It can take 3-6 weeks. I do everything myself when I make my magical products and sometimes have several orders at one time. I will notify you as soon as I am done and it will be on the way to you.


Contact me if you want to make an order or for a reading. I am very serious about magic and I want my clients to do the magic yourself and I want to give you direction as to what products would work best for your situation. I will also give you the shipping charges for my products.

I do not ship outside the US. For those of you outside the United States I can give you a Magic Consultation through emails. Tell you things to purchase for spellworking and Include a Voodoo Spell with a chant. There are many items in your country and towns that you can purchase for to use in spellworking. I can also do international readings over the phone.

I do not take Pay Pal, Credit Cards or Moneygram. Only cash, Money orders from a bank, US post office or UPS money order, I also take Western Union but you need to contact me before doing a Western Union, email me or call so I can give you my Western Union info.

Email voodooluna@gmail.com or 985-542-1681 and ask for Lynn or leave a message clearly with your phone number. Send all money orders to the address below.

Lynn Schwamb
P O Box 316
Robert, La. 70455

Many Blessings


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