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Spell Kits

My Voodoo Spell Kits are very powerful and all done by my hand. The candles, herbs, potion oils, spiritual baths, and Gris Gris bags are prayed over with powerful incantations.

All herbs and oils I use are the most pure and of the highest quality. I have used these magical recipes and spell kits myself for many years and also my clients have used them and they do work. I promise you from my deepest heart they will work for you. Trust in the magical power and you do have to believe and have faith that magic is real. You do not have to have special powers and can be of any religion or faith. The most important thing to remember is not to doubt the power of magic and believe that it works. When you light the wick of a spell candle and burn the incense and say the prayers and incantations or anointing a Gris Gris bag you must believe and visualize.

If you have doubt or constantly think about it working or want fast results you will sabotage the magic and block the Spell kits, Potion Oils, Gris Gris and Spiritual Baths from working. Magic takes time and focus and believe me it is very worth the time.

Spell Kits

Each spell kit will be made when it is ordered, some will have Candles, Potion Oils, Spiritual Bath and herbs in them, I will include the prayers or incantations and the times and days to do them. And I will give clear directions to use them. The recipes I use for the spell kits, Potion Oils, and Spiritual Baths Gris Gris, come from long ago witch books that were written by my family of witch's and healers and were passed down to me when they left our world and are now in the spirit world. With your belief, focus and patience you can get results from doing magic and draw many blessings into your life.

Know the magic is not instant you have to work at it. Keep in mind magic had been around for centuries and still going strong in today’s world. It is very real and many many people use it daily to help make life easier. Never tell anyone you are doing magic or tell the person you are putting the spell on, it is crucial that you keep it a secret to yourself or you have a big chance of it failing.

I make many spell kits for evey problem or desire, below are just a few. Regular Spell kits are $75 and up depending on your issue and extra strength spell kits they are all custom made just for you and your desire. Contact me at Voodooluna@gmail.com or 985-542-1681 leave a message and your phone number and I will return your call.


Money Drawing - This will help bring money to you in unexpected ways, or if your husband or lover does not want to give you money this will help. If you play the cards or slot machines, rub on your hands and on the machine, it will help you win. Anoint all paper money that you spend so it will come back to you. It is a very powerful money drawing kit.

Reversible - This really helps to reverse any situation in your life. A break up, bad luck, can’t keep a job or relationship, this will help. Wear at work to ward off jealous people that you work with or if you are a boss or own your company this will keep all the negative energy and hate away from you that your employees or enemies send you and the evil eye. It sends all negative energy back to the person that is sending it your way.

Spell Breaker - This will release you from any magic that has been placed on you to cause misfortune, the evil eye, or a lust spell or sickness spell. Many people do magic and there are evil people that abuse the power of magic and will curse someone at a drop of a hat or try and break up two people or cause money problems. It does not matter if you believe or not it still will affect you.

Job - This kit will help you to get a job or have success on your job or get a promotion or raise. It will bring much luck and success when starting a new job and your boss will look at you in a good way. It will also help you to meet the right people that can help you achieve your success. Always wear for a job interview and also use the Commanding Potion oil I make. It will give you an extra edge in your interviews.

Shut Up - This will help shut up the boss that will not leave you alone, or a neighbor that complains about your dogs barking, or people that gossip about you or family members, anyone that is driving you nuts, this will shut them up. It has helped me much over the years. It will stop an angry husband from screaming at you or people that constantly want to pick fights or say mean things about you.

Cleansing – This is my favorite spell kit. It helps with stress and chaotic times. If you have negative energy from people or situations this will help. People that hate on you or wish you ill will send you the negative energy with thought forms that will deplete your energy, give you doubts and confusion and cause you much bad luck. This bath is great to use before bed. You will wake up refreshed with much energy to meet the day.

Success - This Spell kit is so awesome!!! It brings much success in your life. It will bring so much good luck with your job, a new business, or a new relationship. It will bless you with good fortune and help bring money in. If you are trying to lose weight it will give you more power. It will make you stand out to your boss and help with a promotion or raise.

Voodoo Passion - This kit is very strong and will bring much erotic pleasure in your life. It will make you so hot that men will desire you and will not be able to resist you. You will notice a real difference in your love life. Over the years some people lose their passion for life and this will help bring a new change in your energy field and help bring laughter and uplifting in your life.

Unblock - If you are in a bad situation or have constant bad luck this Spell kit is so powerful it can change very quickly and unblock your love life, money, and success. If you are sad and depressed and feel heaviness hanging on to you this will help. It can turn any situation around. If you are having problems with money or can't get a promotion or raise you need to unblock yourself, this kit will open your path to success.

Protection - The ins is a very strong and powerful kit to dispel evil spirits or evil people from hurting you in a psychic way. Our world is full of evil spirits that want to attack us and harm us. They attach their self to people and cause much grief and pain. If you are feeling very depressed, drinking, or doing drugs you shine like a beacon in the spirit word and these evil spirits will be drawn to you and make you weak and influence you to do bad things to yourself and others. This will also protect you against people that use black magic and put curses on you.

Commanding - If you want to get someone’s attention or want someone to listen to you and get your appoint across you will. It will make you so powerful people will go your way and agree with you. It really helps on job interviews and makes you stand out over the competition. You will also have more power over your lover or husband or wife.

Money Release - This spell kit gets will get money in your hand from people you have loaned money to. If your x husband will not pay child support or behind on payments this will get results. If you need to borrow money from a person or bank use this spell kit to help. I have used it many times and it always works. It is also great to use on husbands and boyfriends to give you money.

House Buying - This is a very powerful spell kit and will help you get the house of your dreams. It really works, I used it a few months ago to buy a house that many people wanted, but I got it!!! It can also help you in your search for the perfect house and will make the closing process much quicker and without problems, everything will fall into place.

Selling A House – Todays house market has gone to hell in a hand basket!!! It can take so much time, money and stress to sell your house. This spell kit will make it much easier to have the right people come to you with the money you want and need. You will be packed and out of your house before you know it.

Come to Me - This is a powerful attraction kit and works wonders in your love life. If there is someone you want and are so attracted to you need to use this kit. If that person is playing hard to get or won't give you the time of day this will change the outcome. And they will desire you night and day. You will see a strong difference in your love live and it will give you much sex appeal. It will bring much passion and erotic delight. Make sure you really want that person it really works and will be hard to get rid of that person if you change your mind.

Banishment Conquer - This is a very powerful break up kit and will separate two people and much stronger then break up spells. It will also get rid of an x husband or wife that hounds you and try's to destroy your new relationship. If you are having problems with a crazy obsessed boyfriend or girlfriend, and want to get rid of them

This will do the Job - If there is someone at work is giving you problems this will help in a big way. If you need to get you roommate out or have a hateful neighbor this will work to bring peace again in your life. Whatever obstacle is keeping you from happiness or your desires, it works very powerfully to make the change.

Justifiable Curse - I do not believe in turning the other cheek when someone has screwed me over or threatens me or the people I love, this kit really works to rectify that. Curses are not to be played with and you must be sure that person has wronged you or hurt you in some way. It works very powerfully to make a person be sorry they ever hurt you. Do not use in a frivolous way just because someone makes you angry. Use when someone is trying to destroy your life or a woman is trying to steal your husband or boyfriend. If someone breaks in your house or someone attacks you physically. If someone kills a loved one or the family pet this will make the person very sorry. If you have a stalker and the police will not help this will stop them in their tracts. You need to let me know what the situation is and the people involved. This kit will not harm you in any way as long as it is justifiable. If you use it to hurt someone that is innocent then it will come back to you and cause you much misfortune and pain.

Remove Evil – If you have an evil spirit or demon haunting you, or use when you move into a new home to ensure all evil spirits, demons, or evil energy will leave. Believe me; you will know when it is in your house. If there is a foreboding and heavy energy in your house or more arguments and fighting. If you or family members have a personality change or get deeply depressed for no reason then there is a likely chance you have evil spirits or a demon in your home. Strange noises will happen day and night. Your pets will be in danger because they can see evil spirits and demons, and will be the first to come under attack.

Spell Binder - This spell kit is a very powerful binding spell. Used to bind a lover, husband, wife or any person that you want to never leave you. Also can be used on enemies to stop them from trying to hurt you with words or actions. If you are having problems with your kids getting out of a control and they won't listen or stay in constant trouble this can help. This will not harm anyone, just stop them from leaving, harming you, or their self. When you order this kit let me know the situation it is, also you can only do one binding at a time.

Road Opener - If you are looking for a new change or have outgrew your present life or relationship it will open a new door and path. If you are going thru a nasty breakup and are in much pain, this will help you move on with great results. If you are stuck in a no winner job then you need to do this so it will open your path to a new job. This will also help much, if you are in an unhappy relationship and you do not know how to get out of it.


For more information, email me at voodooluna@gmail.com.


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